I have been a student of Ms. Toni for three years. I started with no experience playing the guitar and have made great progress. I like the music that Ms. Toni has taught me and the fact that she will allow me to chose music to learn. She is also very patient when it comes to teaching me how to play the guitar. I would and have recommended her to others wishing to learn to play guitar.

James Ottey

Toni Stanley has taught my 13 year old daughter guitar for over 3 years. She is a fantastic teacher! She is patient with the kids and makes it fun! I’ve met many kids that Toni teaches over the years and it’s obvious that the kids LOVE going to lessons!

Toni caters her teaching to the level of the child, both in age and musical experience. They learn a lot of fundamentals and then Toni expands on that based upon the type of guitar and the goals of the child.

I am so glad that we found Toni. My daughter has grown leaps and bounds in her musical ability and in her self-confidence in other areas! Giving your child the opportunity to learn to play an instrument is, in my opinion, one of the greatest gifts you can give them! Having Toni Stanley teach them is the icing on the cake!

Alicia Dixon

Our daughter Maggie and our son Ryan have both taken lessons from Miss Toni. Maggie is now 17 and has been taking lessons since fifth grade. Ryan is 18 and took lessons for four years.

Miss Toni’s goal is to pass on her love of guitar and performance to her students. Her method is to treat her students as individuals and tailor her lessons to their level and interests using a performance-based format. For example, her students play either lead or melody/back-up guitar, and as their confidence increases, they have the option of singing. In this way, her students gain self-confidence while learning the guitar. She will consider learning the popular music of her students to incorporate fresh material. If she doesn’t know a requested song, she will research it and if it works into the lesson plan, she will write it out for the student.

The self-confidence that our children gain from these guitar lessons not only accelerates their musical abilities but also provides a positive influence on other parts of their life.

Mary Shiel